Choose Legit CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO captivates the players with dynamism and realism. Gamers play in two teams, and the scenarios often perfectly reproduce battles, which could really occur between special forces and terrorists. It makes the game thrilling and unpredictable. That’s why bettors support their favorite teams in legit CSGO betting sites and make real money when making bets on winners.

What Distinguishes CS Global Offensive Among Other Esports Games?

Counter-Strike is an immortal classic, and the CS Global Offensive is an improved sequel of the initial version. It is one of the most popular esports for bets, and here are the reasons why:

  • the result comes on quickly;
  • the wounds and injuries are as realistic as possible;
  • the outcome depends a lot on wit and experience;
  • the teams have equal conditions;
  • there are no freebies that would unfairly change the outcome of the game.

No need to wait for long to know how another CSGO will end. Quick bets, a quick finish, easy money. The fans are especially devoted to the game because it doesn’t make them wait around. The realistic effects and fair conditions make only the best players win.

Types of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Bets

There are various types of bets on CSGO. If you just start to bet, start with these popular types:

  1. For winner

The most popular classic bet. On CSGO betting sites, you can either bet on the winner of a single match or the whole tournament.

  1. For a map

Choosing a map where a winner will get the victory is a very unpredictable type of bets because it doesn’t allow you to use players’ experience as a predicting point.

  1. For the outcome of the round

The bettors try to predict what will be the outcome of the game either on a particular map or for a particular team on best CSGO betting sites.

  1. Handicaps

When you make handicap bets, additional points go to the opposing team.

There are many other types, and CSGO betting sites decide which one to present. Try different to see which you like more than others.

CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO Empire

One of the oldest CSGO low betting sites over the Web. It is perfect to begin with since the focus on CS game gives many options. The website is intuitive, so even the newcomers can quickly understand what to start with. CSGO Empire has bonuses, one of which is a generous jackpot bonus. Being available in more than fifteen languages, the website can offer exciting options to millions of CS fans.


Despite the name, the website offers more that one game to bet on. Yet, CSGO gambling holds the leading potions on CSGOFast. Convenient deposit and withdrawal methods have gathered a big fan audience on the site. Bonuses, quality support, and the user-friendly design make CSGOFast a nice starting point for newcomers.


Unikrn is a big website for both esports and real sports games. Unikrn often gives bonuses to adherent users, including special offers for bettors from the US. The platform has the UMode where players can have matches against a computer and make bets on themselves. If you’d like to try making bets within different games and go to a serious bettor level, Unikrn is just right to use.

How to Choose CSGO Betting Sites

CS Global Offensive is a competitive game not only among players but also among betting platforms. How to choose the right website when there are so many options?

Variety of Betting

It depends on you whether to choose a site with a wide range of games or CSGO solely. However, it would be nice if you can try different types of bets. Usually, cheap CSGO betting sites with a good variety of options have a big audience; thus, betting will be exciting and unpredictable.

Safety and Fairness

In betting sport, it’s important to use a legit site with a good reputation. The website is to provide equal and fair chances to win and reliable ways to withdraw your money. Decent CSGO betting sites use data encryption to make the payments safe, and your private data, as well. Only using a legit and fair site, you can enjoy games and make real money with your luck and experience.


CSGO is an exciting esports game, which has long ago become popular in betting sport. It captivates the fans with realism, equal rules for everyone, and quick outcome. There are multiple types of bets; they can involve your and player’s experience or give a completely unpredictable outcome. If you want to enjoy your gambling, choose legit CSGO betting sites with a big audience and multiple options.